Continuous Flight Auger CFA

This technique involves drilling an auger into the ground while soil is extracted and bought to the surface. Once the soil is extracted to the required depth concrete is injected through the hollow stem inside the auger. This is then further secured with reinforced cages placed into the concrete. This system is safe, environmentally sound and cost effective, noise and vibration are minimal and the process can be carried out on various ground conditions.

CFA piles are can be constructed as close to 150 mm away from neighbouring structures.

  • Secant Piled Wall
  • Continuous Piles
  • Solider Piles
  • Foundation Piles
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Bored Piers

This method involves boring into the ground creating a circular hole that is secured with steel reinforcement and filled with concrete. Bored Piling is suited to a wide range of ground conditions and has minimal vibration and noise making it ideal in densely populated areas. Bored Piers can be constructed as close to 150 mm away from neighbouring suburbs.

  • Mask Rigs
  • Pendulum Mounted Excavator Drill Rigs
  • Hard Rock Coring/Drilling
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Screw Piles

This process involves screwing-in the pile by a hydraulic motor which is suspended off the boom of an excavator. Screw piles are cost effective, environmentally friendly and reduced potential damage to adjoining buildings as vibration is eliminated.

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Complete Basement Package

HT Piling offers a Complete Basement Package including design phase

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