About H Piling

H Piling is a new and exciting company that is dedicated to providing a high quality service that is cost effective and delivered on time.

 The sole director of H Piling, Christopher Howell has 10+ years experience in the piling/foundation industry. Chris began with his piling career with Wagstaff Piling and then moved onto Vibropile before working in a smaller operation SFL Piletech. Chris's experience with larger and smaller companies has given him an in depth understanding of the piling industry from the ground up.

When Chris began his solo venture he was determined to provide a service that would quickly gain the confidence of clientele by delivering a high quality product and engineering excellence at the same time. Chris 's experience when it comes to major works includes:

  • M1 freeway extension
  • M20 freeway extension
  • Regional Rail Link

Today, H Piling is well on its way to becoming a market leader in the piling industry in Melbourne.

As sole director of a lean organisation, Chris takes pride in knowing that because H Piling doesn't  have high overheads or a complicated company structure to slow him down, the processes – and cost structure – are streamlined and transparent.

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